Wheels Moving the World: Land Transport and Logistics

Sure, big cargo planes or massive container ships might be considered the stars of logistics. However, just as important are the good old (or, as with Skyline Express, very modern) trucks. These massive vehicles form the backbone of the German logistics industry and facilitate the smooth transportation of a variety of goods throughout the country. In this blog post, we will therefore examine the importance of trucks for logistics in Germany, the types of goods they transport, and the basic infrastructure of the German road network.

LKW Parkplatz Luftaufnahme

The Importance of Trucks for German Logistics

Trucks are the indispensable workhorses of the German logistics industry. They dominate land transport and are responsible for transporting goods to every corner of the country. From fresh produce to industrial goods to consumer products - trucks play a crucial role in moving goods over short and long distances. The flexibility of trucks makes them particularly valuable. Unlike other modes of transportation, trucks can reach almost anywhere, whether it's remote villages or the downtown areas of major cities. This flexibility enables the delivery of goods exactly where they are needed, contributing to the efficiency and competitiveness of the German economy.

The Variety of Transported Goods

The range of goods transported by trucks is impressive. Fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are delivered by truck, as are electronic devices, building materials, and furniture. If the logistics industry is the engine that keeps the economy running, trucks are the heart of this system.

Skyline Invests in its Own Truck Fleet

Precisely because trucks are so essential for smooth logistics, at Skyline Express, we expanded our portfolio to include our own truck fleet back in the summer of 2023 through the acquisition and renaming of the former GLASLINE LOGISTIK from Detmold. The acquisition and integration of the long-standing Leopold Ewald GmbH & Co. KG from Lage are also part of our strategy to ensure the high quality of our services. If you have any questions about our range of services, feel free to contact us and benefit from our expertise!

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