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The logistics sector is a real job engine. Companies such as Skyline Express are on a growth trajectory and offer exciting career prospects to young talents as well as experienced logistics professionals. Here are the most important reasons why logistics is so important for the German labour market.

  1. economic significance: Germany is one of the largest economies in the world and is heavily export-orientated. The logistics sector is crucial for the transport of goods both within the country and for exports and imports. The smooth functioning of this sector is essential for economic growth and maintaining competitiveness.
  2. jobs: The logistics sector is one of the largest employers in Germany. It offers a large number of jobs in different areas such as transport, warehousing, packaging, planning and management. These jobs are spread throughout the country, which means that the sector provides employment in many regions.
  3. innovation and technology: With increasing digitalisation and automation, the logistics sector is constantly evolving. This not only promotes efficiency and productivity, but also creates new jobs in areas such as IT, data analysis and technical support.
  4. infrastructure development: Logistics is closely linked to the development and maintenance of infrastructure, including roads, railways, harbours and airports. Investment in this area not only supports the logistics sector, but also contributes to overall economic development.
  5. link to other sectors: The logistics sector is essential for other sectors of the economy as it supports supply chains. This applies to the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and many other sectors that are central to the German economy.
  6. international trade: Germany is heavily involved in global trade. Efficient logistics are crucial to maintain and facilitate trade, which in turn is important for the entire economy and the labour market.

Overall, it is clear that the logistics sector plays a key role in the German labour market, not only directly creating jobs, but also indirectly contributing to the economic strength and development of other economic sectors.

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