The Queen is dead - long live the King!

By Volker Sim

Millions of people around the world are currently mourning the death of Elizabeth II. Even those who otherwise have nothing to do with the royals feel respect for the monarch's life's work.

For me, as the son of a British soldier, Queen Elizabeth II was more than the representative of a European royal house. She was a rock of strength. She lived values that are also important to me and upheld a centuries-old tradition that is unique in the world. It is a tradition of which I am very proud and to which I still feel very attached. The Queen has been with me and most other people all their lives. Even two days before her death, she was still attending appointments and doing her duty. After 70 years of reign in which she outlived dozens of prime ministers, chancellors, US presidents and many a dictator, she has earned peace and quiet - at the side of her beloved husband Philip. So in the end, there is only one thing left to say: thank you! Thank you for everything.

Queen Elizabeth II.

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