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Lisa Kübach

First name:  Lisa
Last name: Kübach
Age: 31 Jahre jung – fühle mich aber wie knackige 25! 😊
Department: Airfreight Export/Import

When did you start at Skyline and why did you apply at Skyline?
My first day at Skyline was 01.10.2018. I was born in Bielefeld, but previously lived in Düsseldorf for a while and worked for a freight forwarding company there. Later, I was drawn back to East Westphalia to my family and friends. I've known our boss Volker Sim and some of the others in the Skyline team since I was a child. So I knew what to expect at Skyline, and I was very happy to apply here back then.

What are your responsibilities and what aspects of your job do you particularly like?
I am part of the "Air Freight" team and take care of handling and organizing shipments. I also keep an eye on aviation security and am a contact person for our trainees. At Skyline, we can all work very independently, which I like extremely much!

How do you feel about the working atmosphere at Skyline?
Quite simply: informal and collegial!

Why is logistics so exciting for you?
The industry always has new challenges in store, so I never get bored. In addition, we as a company are real all-rounders and I like the "international flair".

What are your professional plans for the coming years?
You can only plan a little. But I would like to continue my education and get my training certificate (AdA).

What tips can you give potential applicants who would also like to get started at Skyline?
Enjoy dealing with people and keep an open mind!

East Westphalia-Lippe is for me:
My home

My previously undiscovered talent:
That remains my secret. 😊

I could never do without:
Sports in the gym. I love to let off steam and prefer to work out every day. I'm also an absolute family man. And nothing works without my friends.

Countries I would definitely like to travel to:
Thailand and Australia.



Lisa Kübach
Lisa Kübach

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